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About Allergies

Hay fever, along with eczema and asthma, make up what is referred to as the "atopic triad." One or more of the three conditions are usually found in several members of a given family. In an allergic response mast cells release histamine leading to a cascade of inflammatory responses which cause a contraction of the smooth muscle lining the respiratory tract, capillary dilation which increases the permeability of capillary walls, and glandular hypersecretion leading to increased mucus. Classic symptoms of hay fever include: episodic nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, sneezing, itching, and lacrimation from the nose, eyes and throat. In the treatment of hay fever we look for ways to normalize the inflammatory process in the body.

One customer's experience:
"My son – 8 years old – was using allergy prescription medications for about 5 months with very minimal improvement. Within 3 days of using Allergy Clearing tea, I noticed that he was breathing and feeling much better. One of my orders was also a gift to a friend who suffers from severe allergies throughout the pollen season. She called later to thank me and get the information so she can buy it again. She said she had not felt this good in a long time. Thank you Dr. Washington for this wonderful remedy."
– R. A. May 2007

Glycerrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Glycerrhiza was chosen for this preparation because of its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-allergy effects. It is specifically known for its action on irritated respiratory passages. Glycerrhiza is known to halt mast cell secretions and block the formation of inflammatory prostaglandins, and prolongs the half- life of endogenous cortisol. It also adds a nice sweet taste to the tea.

Rose Hips The bright red color of rose hips tells us of their anti-inflammatory properties. They contain flavonoids which have an anti-inflammatory effect due to their ability to alter allergic responses by reducing histamine production. They are tangy in flavor and enhance the taste of the tea.

Urtica urens (Nettle) Is believed to be effective in reducing allergic rhinitis. Nettles are know as one of the great botanical blood cleansers, aiding the body in ridding itself of accumulated toxins.

Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) Euphrasia calms acute catarrhal states of the head and upper respiratory tract. It is an astringent anti-inflammatory that constricts conjunctival and nasal blood vessels when they are in a reactive state. It is well know for its ability to relieve nasal congestion, and itchy eyes related to hay fever.

Trifolium pratense (Red Clover) Know as an alterative herb, trifolium facilitates detoxification and is commonly referred to as a "blood cleanser" because of its action on the liver. The process of cleansing the body of any toxic load is of primary importance in the treatment of allergies..


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